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Lowell Massage Therapist
Lowell Massage Therapist

Lowell Massage Therapist

Lowell Massage Therapist

We also offer a Traditional Chinese Medicine Oil called Gua-Sha Oil. Its and herb oil made of Safflower, Sanchi, Dragon's Blood and rice wine that can improve circulation and improve the flow of Qi(energy). It is a warming oil and is used only on skin. Its warming effect helps to loosen problem areas, and relieve muscle tension.

When you receive a Therapeutic Massage or Deep-Tissue Massage you get the use of our Special Electromagnetic Heat Lamp. The heat lamp is placed over any of your problem areas to help circulation and relieve pain (or warm your feet if you have cold feet!)  All of our tables are also equipped with table warmers which are used during any length massage.


Bemer Treatment
Bemer treatment with energy and balance cream.
100% natural herbs are used.
To learn more visit
20 min $30
$200 for 10 visits.

Buy one package get a free Bemer Treatment

Foot Reflexology
This style of massage targets certain zones or points on the foot.  The therapist massages and applies pressure to certain reflex points, which stimulates the nervous system.  These points correspond to specific organs and areas of the body.  The result is a reduction of stress, an increase in endorphins and a feeling that your body is back in equilibrium.  Foot reflexology has been shown to help reduce tension headaches, back pain, and arthritic issues.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology:

  • Relieves aches and pains as well as muscle soreness
  • Removes toxins from your body
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Relieves stress and promotes more restful sleep
  • Improves Chi - your life energy system

Swedish Massage
The most common bodywork type, Swedish massage is a relaxation massage which uses long gliding motions to smooth the muscles, the motions being directed at returning blood toward the heart.  Other techniques such as kneading, tapping, bending, stretching and circular motion are also employed.  The result is an increase in blood oxygen, an increase in circulation and flexibility, and a reduction in the level of muscle toxins and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage
This style of massage is used when deeper layers of muscle are the focus: typically areas of muscle tension and knots: where the technique is to apply massage strokes across the grain of the muscle, as opposed to the Swedish technique of long-grain strokes, although some Swedish techniques are also applied.  The results can be a reduction in inflammation and a release in chronic tension. 

Natural Healing
Traditional Chinese medical treatment for sciatica, migraine headache, joint pain & arthritis, sleeping disorders, spinal and back pain, diabetes etc. Balance for Yin and Yang, increase energy, blockage remover, meridian open & energy circulation, health foundation rebuild, reflexology and meditation.

Hot-Stone Massage
Smooth water-heated stones are placed at specific points of the body which then allows the masseuse to incorporate them in a custom massage which creates a deep relaxing and healing experience.  Muscle aches and pains, stress and anxiety is reduced, and circulation is improved.

Back-walking is a form of Chinese massage where the therapist literally walks on your back. This allows the Therapist to use a deeper pressure and is performed with the client face down.